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After my return from Australia and recording one of my songs with some fellow musicians from Melbourne at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms in Collingwood, Melbourne I was busy to record a new song called 'Another World' to apply for the m4music contest. Another World is the latest song I wrote among a tune I came up with while practicing my guitar. The story handles about a character that creates its own rules while ignoring others boundaries successfully in fully committing to its own game. Reassuring their behaviour while relying on a modern cult movement that channels all the answers you ever had and supports emotional detachment over social integration. Scooping up narcissistic behaviour while firing co - dependent behaviour on live mass events which are recorded to be presented 24/7 on the biggest streaming platform with the promise of emotional growth.

I hope you enjoy the song and hold your fingers crossed while the judges decide if I can enrol with this years contest.

xx, Dayles Ford

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